Pacific Youth Health: A Paper for the Pacific Health and Disability Action Plan Review

This paper draws on the few New Zealand studies of youth and the even fewer studies of Pacific youth, as well as a number of subject-specific studies that include youth and ethnicity data and anal...

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Youth and Health Issues

An overview of the health situation of youth today is provided in this chapter, which also explores the serious health challenges this vulnerable group is facing within the context of local and g...

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Young Women and Sexual and Reproductive Health in India

This report provides an insight into the state of Sexual and Reproductive Health of Women in India....

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Youth educators provide sexual health outreach

In Honduras, there is little public discussion around contraception, family planning or sexual and reproductive health, including in most schools, and according to UNFPA estimates, 26 per cent of Honduran women give birth before age 18 – the second-highest rate of adolescent pregnancy in Latin America. Youth educators provide sexual and reproductive health outreach in Honduras....

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UN calls for better reproductive health services

A UN report “Sexual and reproductive health of young people in Asia and the Pacific: A review of issues, policies and programs”, shows a dangerous dearth of information on sexual and reproductive health and lack critical life skills needed to manage safe, consensual sexual relationships....

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